Our Program

Signature Services

To inspire a legacy of leadership and entrepreneurship in the deaf community.

Cutting Edge Tutoring Program

At Deafinite Pathways, Inc., we offer cognitive skill training as a component of our tutorial program to allow for better learning outcomes for our clients. Whether a school-aged student, college student, or a young adult striving for upward career mobility, we believe that by improving a client's cognitive skills (e.g. attention, memory, visual processing, reasoning, and processing speed) the client will be better equipped to complete school assignments and projects at work. Therefore, our tutoring program is unlike any other program serving deaf clients.

World Class Mentoring Program

Deafinite Pathways Inc has a unique mentoring program that has been specifically designed for deaf youth and young adults. The primary emphasis of the program is to promote self-efficacy. Our mentoring program is two-fold in that each client reaps the benefits of both individualized and group mentoring services. Based on responses from the intake questionnaires, each client is paired with a professional deaf adult mentor (or a hearing adult with expertise in deaf culture and sign language) and is expected to attend regular sessions with his or her mentor. In addition, youth mentees are also expected to participate in monthly peer group "rap" sessions whereby all adult mentors and all mentees gather together for a meeting of the minds and then a fun social activity. This two-tired mentoring model is specific to Deafinite Pathways, and has a proven success rate. It is noteworthy to mention that all of our mentors are experts in their respective professional disciplines and are required to receive extensive training in Deafinite Pathways' standards of service.

State-of-the-Art Life Skills Program

Unlike any other program serving deaf clients, our Life Skills Program features participatory learning techniques designed to emphasize psycho-social skills that promote self-efficacy and reduce risk factors. Our Life Skills Program incorporates four core components: a multiple intelligence skills assessment (to promote career planning initiatives ), cognitive reasoning skill development (to promote the comprehension and analysis of information), intra-personal skill development (to promote self-management and self-awareness), and inter-personal skill development (to promote effective interactions with others).

Auxiliary Services